Products Specifications:

• Fingerprint/ RFID Card /PIN Access
• Digital Touch Keypad with Fake password
• In & Out Push Message Alert
• Status Notification Feature
• PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
• Manner Mode for quiet night outings
• Emergency external battery terminal(Micro USB port)
• Emergency mechanical bypass Key
• Passageway mode
• Privacy mode

Introduction Video


Features and Benefits

Keyless convenience

Access your home by user PIN, card or foband fingerprint

Illuminated numeric touch pad Never get a key cut again

Extremely easy to set up and operate with voice control

Volume and mute controls

Batteries included

Enhanced security

Built-in alarm sense potential door attacks

Door re-locks itself when left unlocked

Peace of mind

Water resistant
Two year guarantee


Door thickness

40mm to 90mm



The Schlage S-7800 changes the way we use our front door. With an patented push-pull handle, finger-print/card/code/fob access, and a voice guide, accessing your home has never been easier.

The easy-to-use internal and external push-pull handles can be easily and securely set depending on the opening direction of the door. To open the door, simply unlock and push with one motion.

Unlocking is simple – you choose either the fingerprint reader with the latest-technology, or card, fob, stick-on patch or keypad. The S-7800 can store up to 100 fingerprints, and adding or deleting codes, cards and fingerprints is simple.

A built-in voice makes using, programming and setting up the S-7800 simple and fast. Volume can be adjusted or disabled to suit your needs.


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