Eques YK6088E + VIEU R23G


⚙️Uses 5A level Tempered Glass key pad

⚙️Elegant surface with Nano Electro Plating

⚙️Waterproof/Fireproof – Fake Password feature : (Able to input any numbers before or after correct password)

⚙️Handle design (Easy Convenient)

⚙️Semi Auto-unlock via Wireless function : (🔓Unlock automatically with Mobile Apps when Oversea or Outside🔓 )

📝Lock Status Notification function


• Fingerprint/ RFID Card /PIN Access
• Digital Touch Keypad with Fake password
• Status Notification Feature
• PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
• Manner Mode for quiet night outings
• Emergency external battery terminal(9V Battery port)
• Emergency mechanical bypass Key
• Passageway mode
• Privacy mode

Introduction Video


Model YK6088E
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension (mm) L400 x 80 x 22mm
Used for Office / apartment / villa
Sliding closure Yes
Voice guide language Chinese. English (default)
LCD Display Yes
Applicative Door Wooden doors, metal doors
Applicative Door Thickness 38-60mm, 60-90mm, 90-120mm
Color Premium Golden
Type of lock body Semi Lock Body
Unlocking way Fingerprint / Card / password / key / Wifi
Master Password 1
User Password 10
Password length 6-12 digits
Open direction Universal
Card capacity 100
Type of FPG Semi-conductor
Identification time <0.5 sec
Fingerprints Capacity 100
Double Locking mode Automatic
Power Supply DC 6V 4 AA Battery
Emergency power supply 9V Battery Port
Battery life 12 months
Mechanical cylinder & key 2 x Eemgency Keys
Working temperature -20℃ – 55℃
Working humidity 15%-90% RH
Lock case D-7260(Default)
Anti panic Yes

Package Information

Weight 8KG / Piece
Package Size (BOX) 50 x 40 x 11 cm / Box