• Fingerprint/ RFID Card /PIN Access
• Digital Touch Keypad with Fake password
• In & Out Push Message Alert
• Status Notification Feature
• PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
• Manner Mode for quiet night outings
• Emergency external battery terminal(Micro USB port)
• Emergency mechanical bypass Key
• Passageway mode
• Privacy mode

Introduction Video


Features and benefits 

Exceptional convenience 

Access your home by user PIN, card, FOB or finger-print 

Add or delete individual codes with ease Illuminated numeric touch pad
Never worry about losing keys
Easy to set up and operate 

Volume and mute controls 

No wiring needed 

Enhanced security 

Random PIN number function protects your entry code 

Built-in alarm senses potential door attacks 

Door re-locks itself if left unlocked 

Peace of mind 

Weather resistant (tested to IP54) Two year guarantee
Double locking 


Door thickness 

40mm – 90mm 



stick-on patches or finger-print reader. There is also a key override in case of an emergency. 

The S-6800 also has additional security features such as a built-in alarm which can sense forced entry, and an auto re-lock feature if the door is left unlocked for a period of time. The door unlocks from the inside by rotating the lever from the inside at any time, making it easy to exit in an emergency. 

Package Information

Weight 8KG / Piece
Package Size (BOX) 50 x 40 x 11 cm / Box